Project aims to take pressure off NHS

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A former nurse and her doctor’s patient participation group have been awarded £2,500 for a healthy living project to relieve pressure on the NHS.

Friends of Church Street Medical Centre in Eastwood are hosting a series of events to promote healthy living using the government programme ‘Change 4 Life’.

Their project is funded by the ‘Lifestyle Fund’ from Nottingham West CCG.

Highlighting the importance of initiatives such as ‘Change 4 Life’, project leader Joan Morley said: “With winter coming up, people tend to go home and not think about exercising or eating healthily so we want to teach people how to make a small change to their lifestyle which will have a big impact on their health.

“Then in the long term they will live healthily and not need doctors’ attention so much.”

Each of the events will have at least 15 stalls of health professionals including free blood pressure checks, dietary advice from a dietition and representatives from the Alzheimer’s Society.

Head of strategy and development for Nottingham West CCG, Tracey Lindley, said: “The most effective way of improving health outcomes for our communities is for everyone to take control of their own lifestyles.

“We applaud the work being led by Joan and the patient participation group which is also a demonstration of patient involvement at its best.”

The first session will take place on Saturday October 11 at Dora Phillips Hall from 10am until 2pm and future sessions will take place in Kimberley in April and Eastwood Comprehensive School in November.