‘Property pulling our house down’

NRHNLM110820A1 - Christopher Cooper is concerned about the derelict house next door to him.
NRHNLM110820A1 - Christopher Cooper is concerned about the derelict house next door to him.

A CONCERNED couple fear a crumbling corner terraced house is dragging their home down with it – and now they are calling for action.

Christopher Cooper, 31, has lived on Cromford Road in Langley Mill with his wife Verity, 34, for the past five years.

And since the last neighbour moved out of the property next door, they say it has drastically deteriorated.

After being vacant for three years, the hotspot for vandals and fly-tippers is not only dragging Mr and Mrs Cooper’s property value down, but they are worried it could literally be dragging their home down too.

Christopher said: “It has been attracting youngsters now. They are drinking in there and outside it they have been chucking stuff at the house and all sorts.

“Basically we don’t know what to do, I thought after three years someone would be living in it.

“I’m worried how long this is going to go on for.”

Christopher has now contacted the Advertiser’s Sort it Out campaign to see if the landlord of his joining neighbouring property can be convinced to fix up the empty house.

Christopher said the house was in a poor state when the previous tenant was living there three years ago and that it has been badly neglected.

Six months after the last tenant left, workers appeared at the home and began to replace the rendering on the rear of the property.

But they only completed half the job, adding to the look of decay.

It has since attracted fly tippers, yobs and vermin.

A concrete step to the front door of the house next door had literally crumbled off and fallen onto Christophers driveway on one occasion.

A fortnight ago, he went round to look at the property and noticed a broken window. He also spotted where a build up of water was beginning to cause structural damage.

But despite repeated calls to police, the borough council and the landlord – nothing has been done to fix it.

This week a spokesperson for the borough council said: “If the house remains vacant then the council does have powers to force sale or consider a compulsory purchase order if that becomes necessary.”