Pub’s bid to silence noise complaints

A PUB owner in Watnall is monitoring sound levels outside houses in his street after complaints about noise.

John Males who runs the Queen’s Head is using a sound monitor to make sure the sound levels are kept to a reasonable volume when he has live bands playing.

He decided to make the move after several residents complained about the noise, saying it was so loud they had to keep their windows shut and turn their televisions up.

One resident said: “It’s going on and on and on and I am just about getting sick and tired of it.

“We live in a village. If I wanted to live near a nightclub I would have gone and bought a house in the city.”

Another resident said he was considering putting his house on the market.

But Mr Males said some residents who live right next to the pub do not complain.

“Some people live right next door and they don’t complain about the noise.

“We don’t have a juke box or any discos so once every month or two we have a live band play until 10pm. I don’t think it’s unreasonable.”

Mr Males said he invested in the sound monitor after speaking to Broxtowe Boroughn Council because he ‘did not want to be unreasonable’ and he wanted to make sure what he was doing was legal and above board.

“I genuinely hope it will help the situation,” he said.

Mr Males was issued with a noise abatement notice two years ago when he had live bands play outside in a marquee and he has since been monitored by council licensing officers.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We are still working with the landlord and the residents about complaints we have received.”