Public meeting on plan for 600 homes

Kimberley Residents protest against housing plans.
Kimberley Residents protest against housing plans.

A public meeting will be held next week to thrash out the views of Kimberley residents on controversial proposals to for an extra 600 houses in the town.

A campaign, led by Kimberley Residents’ Association (KRA), was launched last year against the scale of the housing plans amid long-standing proposals put forward by Broxtowe Borough Council.

Fears have been raised that the town would not be able to cope and its roads and infrastrusture were not adequate.

A contentious meeting was held to discuss the housing in Kimberley last year.

Broxtowe council reiterated this week that several consultations, including one which ended last month, have been held and final proposals, including some amendments, are now with a Government inspector, who will make a judgement during the summer.

It is part of Broxtowe’s core strategy to find space for more than 6,000 new dwellings borough-wide by 2026.

Despite the proposals being at an advanced stage, KRA are calling on the public to have their say at a meeting next Tuesday (May 13) at 7.30 pm at the Holy Trinity Church Hall on Eastwood Road in the town.

Among the guests invited will be the chairman of Kimberley Town Council, Cllr Jim McDonald, and Kimberley representative on Broxtowe Council, Cllr Andy Cooper.

Darren Warner, chairman of the KRA, is adamant that the consultation process is not closed and believes the fight is not over.

He said: “A planning expert who has been advising and working with the residents’ association has assured us the fight to save Kimberley from what we believe is over development is still ongoing.

“The people of Kimberley who have approached the association with deep concerns over this can also rest assured that we will fight to the bitter end to see the number of houses reduced to a realistic, manageable amount.”

The proposals for 600 houses would be at various sites, including some on Greenbelt land.

But it is also understood to include any homes developed at the former Kimberley Brewery where 130 are proposed.

The core strategy dates back several years and sites were first mooted in 2011. Several public meetings have already been held.