Quarrying consultation is extended

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AN additional six-week period of public consultation on the future of sand and gravel provision in Nottinghamshire is set to be approved by Nottinghamshire County Council next week.

The publication of the Minerals Local Plan Preferred Approach is the latest step in a 20-year blueprint for quarrying in the county and residents have already given their views in the main part of the consultation which took place between October and December last year.

It is as a result of issues raised in that consultation that the additional period is necessary, focusing solely on the sand and gravel element of the document, which includes 12 extensions to existing extraction sites and five new site allocations.

The additional consultation will take place between 14th May and 27th June and is expected to be given the go-ahead by the County Council’s Environment and Sustainability committee.

Nottinghamshire has considerable mineral resources and is a regionally and nationally important producer of sand and gravel.

An updated Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan will look ahead to 2030 and set out the policy against which proposals for minerals development will be assessed.

Comments from the consultation will be used to shape the final phase of consultation for the Submission Draft Consultation document which will be subject to a further round of consultation before submission to a Planning Inspector for a formal review at an inquiry later this year.

Exhibitions are being planned and letters are being sent to all statutory consultees as well as all properties within 250 metres of proposed sand and gravel sites.