Rain did not dampen kids’ spirits

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The rain failed to dampen the spirits of school children last week as they paraded through Eastwood and kicked off the main events for the town’s arts festival.

Despite the bad weather last Friday, school kids paraded through town and the family fun day and Vibe event were a huge success on Saturday at Coronation Park.

NEAA 17-07-12 BE 14 Eastwood Brookhill leys school, Dolphin class children who missed the parade.

NEAA 17-07-12 BE 14 Eastwood Brookhill leys school, Dolphin class children who missed the parade.

Eastwood Mayor Brian Griffin declared both events on the park open and said he was ‘immensely proud’ of the toddlers who did not let the rain spoil things for them during the parade on Friday.

“Despite huge rain clouds hanging over us, they weren’t going to let the weather affect them. They were jumping in puddles and singing. I looked back and all I could see was a huge snake of children back to Hilltop and it was a chatter of excitement.

“The rain didn’t dampen their spirits and I really was hugely proud of them.”

Kids from the Priory Roman Catholic School carried a 6ft long model of the Great Walll of China on their shoulders as part of the parade.

Half an hour before it started there was a torrential downpour, leaving two schools of the six cancel.

The parade went to Eastwood Comprehensive School where performances were put on by different groups, althought they were moved where it was a bit drier.

The Mayor went on to open the family fun day and popular Vibe event on Coronation park on the Saturday and said they were ‘fantastic’ offering ‘something foer everyone’.

“We were blessed with better weather on the Saturday,” he said.

“We had a wonderful array of artists, children in craft tents making Olympic torches and dolls, a dance mat, football games, soft ball cricket.

“All in all right across the park there was something for everyone.”

Although he could not stay to see every act, Cllr Griffin described the local bands performing in the evening at the Vibe event ‘excellent’.

“Very good, excellent, every one of them,” he said.