Rainbow walk for African kids

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Children at an Eastwood primary school did a ‘rainbow walk’ to raise money for their two partner schools in Africa.

Kids at Lynncroft Primary School raised £170 to help the schools buy news books and desks after they heard many children had to sit on the cold floor.

Each class took it in turns to walk the perimeter of the school dressed in bright colours to represent the colourful fabrics worn by people in Africa.

Each balanced beanbags and other objects on their heads to respresent how the children would carry baskets of crops from their farms.

Year one teacher Joanna Elgar said: “We asked if there is any way we can help their school as they are less fortunate than us with resources.

“They explained that they have to share text books between seven or eight children as they do not have enough to go around, and they are short on desks, so many children have to sit on the cold floor.

“Children were keen to help raise funds for their new friends in Tanzania so we decided to make it our harvest giving.

“With the support of our parents, children made donations to take part in the rainbow walk and one child very kindly donated some of her birthday money,” added Ms Elgar.

Children at Lynncroft have been writing letters to the pupils in Tanzania, sending Christmas cards, photographs, explaining what life is like in England and making picture and word mats to help them learn English.

The African village children responded with letters explaining the subjects they enjoy and the animals and food they grow on their farms.

Yamba and Milingano Primary school are situated in a deprived and rural mountainous area. They live on farms and have no running water or electricity.

Education is very important to them and they are keen to learn English as a second language.

It is the only way they can attend secondary school because it is taught in English.

For more information visit www.villageafrica.org.