Reaction to death of Thatcher

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Local councillors have paid tribute to Margaret Thatcher after the 87-year-old former Prime Minister died on Monday.

Nuthall parish councillor Derek Burnett, a Conservative, said the former Tory leader was ‘the best Prime Minister we ever had’.

“She was a true blue. She was the best,” he added.

“She helped this country out of recession, she got people back into work and she stopped the power of the unions taking over this country.”

The chairman of Nuthall Parish Counci, Cllr Brian Watson, also a Tory, said: “I think she did a great job. The unions were getting too powerful at the time. She was able to dig her heels in and control it.

“At the end of the day, she was the most divisive woman in British politics but good for our country. You‘ve got to admire her for being a strong and charismatic leader.”

While many at home and abroad have paid tribute to Baroness Thatcher, many have slammed her politics and tenure as Prime Minister.

Labour councillor Richard Robinson, who represents Kimberley, said he ‘respected’ her but disagreed with her decisions.

“I respected the fact that she was very radical, but I also think she destroyed communities up and down the country with her policies,” he added

Lady Thatcher, who was the UK’s first and only female PM, died from a stroke in the Ritz hotel in London.

She hailed from Grantham and was first elected to Parliament in 1959 in the seat of Finchley. She became leader of the Conservatives in 1975 and went on to win three consecutive General Elections