Reader letter: Author had a free-thinking philosophy

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In thanking K. Calder for such remarkably detailed historical information regarding the level of Roman security at Christ’s tomb, it is necessary to emphasise once again, for the benefit of all, that Lawrence’s fictional works are, of course, essentially the product of his highly sensitive and fertile creative imagination, and that they tend to reflect his particular, free-thinking philosophy of life.

While Christianity has given and still gives great joy and hope to millions, down the centuries it has also brought great division, strife, torment and anguish.

Lawrence felt Christianity to be too preoccupied with the spiritual, at the expense of the physical side of life.

It made us “lop-sided, on the side of the angels”, as he put it.

He, wisely, wished us to be free of narrow, stifling orthodoxy and convention. . .free to develop our own individual religion of life, one which could evolve and change throughout our life.

In passionately urging people to live more fully and more freely he did come across as preaching, and was regarded by many as a messianic figure himself.

Although an outstanding writer and thinker, he was human, with human frailties, as all of us are, in truth.

Dave Brock

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