Reader letter: Council ‘ignored’ chapel petition

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What is the name of the local town that historically has always served the villages of Nuthall West and Watnall?

Answer - Kimberley!

Those that have lived there long enough and or set their roots down there know that, most people do!

So I find it absolutely incredible that Kimberley Town Council (KTC) will not consider the signatures of those long-standing residents who have put their names to the opposition to convert the cemetery chapel to a social hub!

For those 20 or more people (a lot of people for a KTC meeting, and most had never been before), who made the effort to go to the handing over of the petition of nearly 900 signatures to KTC, will now have experienced the undemocratic state the council has become.

The key word consultation has been reworked by the council. What does their consultation mean? To tell us “the council has stuck with their first idea from start to finish” and no-one else will have any input at all, through their own so-called expensive consultation, where yet again the majority of the local people have spoken against the hub and again ignored, the lively meetings against the hub but again ignored and now nearly 900 signatures against the hub, again ignored. The chairman of Kimberley Town Council, David Nunn, has said that those who oppose their plan only represent a minority of the electorate and chairman of amenity and estates Jim McDonald said the silent majority gets the priority over those who signed the petition, so, how many of the electorate have spoken in favour Mr Nunn and Mr McDonald, and what percentage of the electorate voted YOU in?

Those who make the effort to register their voice should be heard, in a democracy that sees people gain power through minority votes!

It begs the obvious question, why is Kimberley so desperate for another social hub that our own council ignore the feelings of a huge chunk of the people?

To swim against the tide no matter what, at any cost!

To cast aside the desperate appeals from people who have close relatives buried up there.

To cast aside the huge difficulties the site offers up, to overcome the hostility of the location!

To sell a Kimberley asset (Cemetery Lodge), that has been in the ownership of the town for 137 years, to part pay for it?

To have to compete with the many pubs desperate to offer their rooms for rent, to have to compete with the leisure centre that hires rooms, to compete with Kettlebrook Lodge, to compete with another purpose-built function room just down the road at the Temple Centre at Nuthall, to compete with another purpose-built function room at Rumbletums in the centre of Kimberley! How many of those venues just mentioned would be able to compete with the chapel on civil weddings, funerals and namings? I think the rest of us know the answer to that one.

That is at the crux of this whole debate.

The fact that the county council turned down Kimberley Town Council’s application for the grant on the grounds that Kimberley is well serviced with social hubs endorses the fact!

Darren Warner

By email