Reader letter: Council must listen to chapel concerns

NEAA 11-06-12 BE 12 Cllrs Jim McDonald and David Lunn at Kimberley cemetery chapel.
NEAA 11-06-12 BE 12 Cllrs Jim McDonald and David Lunn at Kimberley cemetery chapel.

It is with obvious clarity now, for those who want to see it, what is happening at Kimberley Town Council.

The chapel is one of a long list of extremely unpopular moves by the present leadership of KTC to underwhelm us.

For those following this saga, it is absolutely unbelievable, but sadly true.

Let me briefly remind every one.KTC commissioned one of the biggest construction consultation firms in the world, (faithful and Gould) at a cost to the local tax payer of £11,500. The survey was then undertook by them with the result showing a massive over whelming majority of those who took part in favour of NOT altering the chapel physically or in it’s use, other than to bring it back to it’s former glory, renovation NOT alteration, was the result of the consultation, with the result showing a use for civil ceremony’s only.

This unfortunately was not the result KTC was looking for, the result of there poll was not sympathetic to their ideological plan for the historical site, to water down the heritage aspect of the site.

KTC leadership’s preferred option from the very start was to alter the building for a diverse multi use and to change the structure of the building to accommodate those changes.

There has been several mock meetings at KTC since the result of the poll, in an attempt, yet again to persuade the public that their idea was king, some have been closed to the public, a secret bureaucracy it seems in an attempt for the leadership to consolidate the opinion of the rest of the (those yet to decide councillors).

For those meetings that were open to the public, we have had to sit through hour after hour, listening to the leaders of the council as to why theirs is the only solution, while members of the public, some with close family members buried up there, young and old, having to hold back their frustration and concerns over, what the council mean when using words like, social hub, multi use and diverse use, an open ended prospect, is it any wonder I have witnessed more than one moist eye at those meetings, put yourself in their place !

There has been a petition set up recently that attracted 200 signatures in a couple of days, that has yet again gone against what KTC leadership want to do to with the site.

Will they listen? My belief is that this must for some hidden reason, be so important for them, that it must go ahead no matter what the consequences, that is how it looks to most people, so why is it? What is it?