Reader letter: Help support teen cancer charity effort

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I am writing to tell you about our charity, which supports Queen’s Medical Centre and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust in Nottingham.

The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust funds research into cancers affecting young people in the age group 13-24, and support 43 hospitals across the UK.

As our charity and the support we provide is growing, we are hoping to reach people who are local to the hospitals we support, as they are the ones who will most likely benefit and hope will support our cause. For our latest support project, we are funding the provision of eyebrow kits and hair loss concealer for patients at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, to support young people who have lost their hair during treatment. The kits will help young patients keep their identity and withhold their confidence during this difficult period.

We are also sending mini muffin and cupcake makers, cameras, iPads, games and DVDs to the hospital, to help patients keep busy and develop skills and hobbies whilst maintaining a social connection with other patients.

Whilst we support individual hospital projects, we also have campaigns that run on a national basis including our Gifts 4 Young Cancer Patients at Christmas appeal, where we send over 400 presents every year to hospitals to ensure every young cancer patient in hospital over Christmas receives an extra gift.

On a wider scale, we provide hospitals with laptop libraries to help young people keep connected with friends, family and school work as some patients have to travel far from home and can be hospitalised for long periods of time and sadly suffer from social isolation.

We hope you will take our charity in consideration, and help us to spread the message of the work we are doing locally for the hospitals and the teen and adolescent cancer patients in your area.

If your readers would like further information or support the work of the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust please visit our website

Catherine Tate

The Laura Crane

Youth Cancer Trust