Reader letter: How many pledges?

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Last week I received a red leaflet. It wasn’t a mystery where it came from- it was Labour’s plan for all our future.

It’s just that it contained five “pledges” and they are five different “pledges” to the ones they put through my letter box last month! Do they now have ten “pledges”?

And the mystery is the same as last time; what do they mean?

I won’t go through them all again, but if people take the time to look at these properly they will see that they (pledges) do not really mean anything.

I’ll just mention two; “A strong economic foundation”. What does that mean? Putting more money in the economy? Where from?

“Higher living standards for working families”. What does it mean- giving every “working family” more money? What if I live alone? What if I can’t work? Where is the money coming from?

That’s just two; I hope people will look at all these “pledges” and promises from all the parties and see if they make sense. I do see a lot of waffle from most parties- especially from Labour.

Clive Trussell

Lynncroft, Eastwood