Reader letter: My catalogue of parking complaints

Feature on car parking
Feature on car parking

I’m responding to your post on Facebook regarding parking fines in Eastwood and surrounding areas.

I had three from Iceland in Eastwood recently. One of them I contested because I was told by someone who had previously challenged their parking fine, that the date of the parking fine was invalid. They refunded me that one. The other two I reluctantly paid.

A few weeks later I had another letter from Excell Parking telling me that I had not paid one of my fines in time and it had gone up to £100 from £60. Luckily I hadn’t thrown the original parking fines away and checked them. I have sent them a letter and am waiting to hear back from them.

I was very annoyed to receive these fines because when they initially put the parking machine into the car park I used to get a ticket without fail. Then the machine was shut down.

I asked what had happened to the machine and was told it was too complicated for some people to use as you had to enter your car registration, etc, on a keypad to obtain your ticket.

The machine was out of use for ages. Then suddenly, with no warning anywhere, they reinstated the parking ticket machine.

There has been no end of folk that have been caught out because of this in that car park.

- Nichola Stevens

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