Reader letter: Parking fines like ‘daylight robbery’

Feature on car parking
Feature on car parking

Would you please tell the people of Eastwood and the surrounding area of what I would call the daylight robbery or the car park rip off at the Iceland car park in Eastwood.

It started when my son received a parking fine from the private company which runs it.

He had paid for the parking in the correct way by buying a ticket from the machine and displaying it in his car.

Then some time later he received the fine and when he contacted the company to ask why he had been fined they said that the ticket he had paid for did not show his full car registration where my son insisted that the parking machine only printed half his registration and they replied with ‘then you should have brought another ticket but’. He asked ‘If it was only printing half on every ticket, then what?’.

They replied ‘well you can always appeal but if you lose then you will have to pay all costs’. Where my son was at this time he thought what a total ‘rip off’ and put the phone down.

How many more innocent people has this happened to?

Can you please help in any way and bring to everyone’s attention and hopefully the council may take an interest in the matter.

- Ken Meakin