Reader letter: Residents asked to help shape village

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Last week Mr Gillespie raised his concerns about facilities – or the lack of them – in the Giltbrook area.

The housing developer floated the idea of various community amenities presumably in an attempt to encourage local support for his scheme. One idea was for a community centre but when a possible site was identified there was uproar from people living nearby. A fierce opposition campaign was mounted and having heard the voice of the people the developer simply withdrew the suggestion.

Similarly with the suggested primary school. When it came to the crunch Nottinghamshire County Council, as the education authority, confirmed that it had not been approached for funding adding that no funding was available anyway.

The county council also commented that there was sufficient spare capacity in the three existing primary schools in the area to accommodate any children from the Smithurst Road development.

The point should be made that Greasley Parish Council is neither the planning or education authority and that events which led to the present situation in Giltbrook were certainly not caused by parish council inactivity.

Looking to the future in a more positive manner Greasley Parish Council is shortly to embark on what is probably the largest ever consultation exercise it has ever carried out as it prepares a Neighbourhood Plan.

It intends to ask all households what they would like in terms of environment and lifestyle, a chance for residents to influence the future.

Every house in the parish will be contacted – the perfect opportunity for residents in the Giltbrook area to map out their ideal in terms of community facilities.

Perhaps on this occasion the voice of the people will sound a different tune.

-Andrew Marshall

Clerk, Greasley Parish Council