Reader letter: Should town be named Deadwood?

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The closing of the Victory Club is another loss of a public amenity and evidence of the unavoidable changing patterns of social engagement, following closures of industries which were an integral part of our community.

My main concern for Eastwood is the seemingly piecemeal way planning is allowed without improvement for the town as a whole.

The Victory Club site and the Walker Street site will be another example were housing development takes place with buildings crammed into every available inch and no access or road improvements made. Why do we prevail in keeping old buildings standing which become an eyesore?

The old Nelson Pub and adjoining properties for instance. What’s happening on the old Devonshire School site for instance and the glorified pigeon lofts on Church Walk?

All over Eastwood old sites need modern re-development. Talk about Eastwood. It’s more like Deadwood! The roads are only fit for horses anyway!

John Armstrong