Reader letter: What happened to the gritters?

A gritter crashed and on its side on Douse Croft Lane in the Mayfield Valley, Sheffield
A gritter crashed and on its side on Douse Croft Lane in the Mayfield Valley, Sheffield

In the evening of 26 December, we were on our way to Moor Green when we met a queue of waiting traffic.

The cause was a jack-knifed lorry at the recently installed mini roundabout where Watnall Road meets the main road through Watnall.

We waited until the driver had sorted himself out and then were able to proceed. However, the weather was deteriorating by then rapidly and we decided to turn around as soon as possible and head back home.

We did so but at the same junction as before, we encountered a coach sliding backwards down the hill just past the turn off for Hucknall.

We had to queue again until I persuaded the driver of the car in front to unload his passengers and have them push his car on to level ground not far ahead.

This enabled us to crawl up the remainder of the slope on to the level ground just around the bend.

It took a total of 50 minutes to get from Hucknall and back again.

This area had not been gritted at all and whilst there are few buses use the route, it is a well used route between Kimberley, Moorgreen, and Hucknall for a great deal of other traffic. We did try to contact some help by dialling 101 but the answerphone said we were through to Derbyshire Constabulary!

There had been no gritting lorries in Hucknall during the day and none of the roads were clear of snow in Watnall either.

The council, with the bad weather warning from the Met Office, had had all Boxing Day to get the gritters out, but had failed. What has happened to the grit containers which used to be strategically placed in problem areas to enable drivers to get some grit to use when they encountered problems? Incidentally, whilst driving home along Papplewick Lane on Christmas Day evening, when the weather was fair and the temperature just below freezing, we were treated to a spray of grit all over the car from a gritting lorry!

-Sheila Robinson

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