‘Removing the car spaces will cause mayhem’

Parking bays on Eastwood Road are being removed by the council, pictured are business owners Jacqui Stanford, Elaine Tanner and Kevin Tanner outside their businesses
Parking bays on Eastwood Road are being removed by the council, pictured are business owners Jacqui Stanford, Elaine Tanner and Kevin Tanner outside their businesses

Business owners are ‘up in arms’ about plans to remove parking spaces from outside their premises in Kimberley.

Four businesses in Eastwood Road will no longer have the two parking bays to load their vehicles – and company owners say their businesses will go down the pan.

The owner of Kevin Tanner Photography said he had to load heavy equipment into a van and if council plans went ahead, he would have to walk all the way to Awsworth Lane – over 200 yards away.

“It will be impossible to carry out business,” he said.

“We have very expensive, heavy equipment. It’s going to cause a huge problem.

The owner of Kimberley Spice, Mehtab Ahmad, said: “We are coming in and out with deliveries every ten minutes and we need somewhere to park. 99 per cent of our business is delivery. We are going to lose everything. There’s literally nowhere else to park. The side street is always full and you are lucky to get a space in the next street along.”

Work includes removing the bays, enlarging the pavement area and installing bollards at a cost of £25,000.

It was planned by Nottinghamshire County Council due to poor visibility at the nearby junction of Eastwood Road and Maws Lane.

There have been four accidents at the junction in the last four years.

But Mr Tanner said the real problem was the huge volume of traffic, which has increased due to the retail park.

“If the traffic could be cut down it would cut the possibility of accidents happening.

“People become impatient and take a chance – which we suspect can happen at any junction, when traffic is queuing, especially at rush hour.”

“I’ve been driving down there for 35 years and there has never been an issue with parking and visibility.

“It’s a total waste of money. It’s senseless.

“And at a time they say money is tight,” he added.

Jackie Stanford runs a business altering wedding dresses next door to Mr Tanner.

She said: “People are going to have to park all the way down Awsworth Lane and carry their dresses up to me. What if it’s raining?

“The council needs to look at the big picture. There’s too much traffic and it’s going too fast. We need something to reduce the amount of traffic, not a new pavement area.”

Mr Tanner, who also reckons the new larger pavement will attract anti-social behaviour, got over 100 signatures on a petition opposing the plans – but said it was totally ignored.

“Everybody is so against it but they just seem to be ploughing ahead. I just feel its dictatorial.”

Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson has been fighting to stop the works going ahead along with the residents.

“We are now escalating this matter to a formal complaint with the county council because we are simply not being listened to,” he said.

“Should this prove abortive, then a submission to the Ombudsman will be made. None of the points we have raised have been addressed.”

Suzanne Heydon, of Via East Midlands, said: “This decision follows an investigation by the crash reduction team.

“Four collisions took place with the same circumstances, where parked vehicles outside the shops had obscured the road user’s view. There has since been another collision in December 2016, further highlighting that the need for this scheme is now overwhelming.

“We have consulted on the proposal extensively which have supported the need for the scheme.”

Locals are now being called on to help join the campaign and stop plans going ahead.

Objections can be sent to Mel.Wilson@viaem.co.uk.

Work is due to start late March and will last two weeks.