Report for speed watch

Community Speedwatch needs more volunteers
Community Speedwatch needs more volunteers

Police have released the latest figures from their community speed watch initiative and are appealing for more volunteers to come forward to help out.

The Brinsley speed watch has now been running for six months, in which time 191 warning letters have been sent out by the police to drivers breaching the 30mph speed limit.

Three repeat offenders have also been sent a final warning letter, and the highest speed recorded since the scheme began was 59mph.

The project aims to tackle speeding in towns and villages to reduce death and injury on the roads, and to reduce traffic noise.

This week also saw new figures released by the Nottinghamshire Safety Camera Partnership which revealed that since January this year, 569 people have already been caught speeding in Brinsley.

Eastwood PCSO Peter Keeley said that the issue of speeding kept coming up in community meetings as a major concern.

He added: “Although people say it is the police’s job to tackle speeding, we have to prioritise our roles and we cannot get out as often as we would like.”

Police are currently appealing for more volunteers to help with the speed monitoring at six hotspots in Brinsley.

If you can offer one hour a week please contact PCSO 8883 Peter Keeley at Eastwood police station on 101 ext. 855 4864 or mobile 07525 989427.