Request to clean oven is just ‘petty’

A mum of four who claims she lived in a house ridden with damp for four months has been left furious after being told she has got to clean the cooker before she can have her deposit back.

Debbie Walker says the house in Eastwood had black walls in the bedrooms, the lounge and the two bathrooms and she was forced to move out because it was making her ill, and aggrivating her son’s asthma.

The 50-year-old said since mid-September when the problem started, she had five lots of anti-biotics with severe sinasitis, made worse by the damp, she claims, and called the request for her to clean the oven ‘petty’.

“I was furious. It’s a bit petty after what I’ve been living in,” she said.

“The house was cleaner when I left than when I moved in. I was so mad.”

On reporting the damp last Autumn, a builder was sent round, who told Ms Walker there was a leak on the roof, which may have caused the problem. But it get coming back, she said.

The angry mum, who moved out two weeks ago, said: “When we moved my son’s wardrobes the walls were black, and the curtains, which were floor length were wet at the bottom.

“If anybody else rents that again they will be poorly. It’s absolutely disgusting.

“When you had the heating on in my bedroom the mirror would steam up.

“The blind even fell down because the wall the plugs were drilled into was damp,” she added.

She said her and her twin five-year-old boys – one of which has epilepsy and autism – slept on the sofa on and off for the last few months.