Resident’s plea over village bus services

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CHANGEs to a bus service have left residents in Awsworth disgruntled and without transport in the evenings and on Sundays.

Since the T1 Pheonix Flyer was scrapped two weeks ago, Sally King says villagers have been left stuck for transport to Ilkeston, Nottingham and Kimberley during off peak hours.

Ms King said it is particularly unfair on the elderly and disabled who cannot get about, and youngsters who are forced to get pricey taxis to get out to socialise.

“You are disenfranchising people who have not got cars,” she said.

“When you get rid of a service it means whoever has not got a car is stuck in the village and they can’t move unless they can walk. That’s okay perhaps for some people, but it’s not for everybody is it?

“It’s disregarding people with a disability and the elderly.

“And what about the young people wanting to go out at night and having to use a taxi? A lot of them haven’t got a lot of money.”

Ms King, 62, uses buses regularly herself to get to Kimberley, Ilkeston and Nottingham.

“The Government is trying to get people to come off the road and yet how can you come off the road if you have got no bus service to use instead?”

“Where is society going?” she added.