Residents get say on ‘double-yellows’ bid

Robbery at Maws Lane Co op Kimberley
Robbery at Maws Lane Co op Kimberley

A councillor who is looking at getting double yellow lines outside the Co-op in Kimberley has arranged for a consultation to be done with local residents.

Councillor Richard Robinson is looking at getting the lines in Cornfield Road outside the entrance to the store in Maws Lane due to parked cars causing congestion.

But there is split opinion about thje proposal with residents living in Cornfield Road.

Coun Robinsons met with Derwent Living who manage the local properties.

“We decided that at this stage Derwent Living needed to consult with all affected residents on Cornfield as to the suggested double yellow lines and see what response is obtained from all residents affected. The last thing we want is to submit a bid for this to find that it has caused different problems elsewhere.”

The councillor has been inundated with emails asking for double yellow lines to be installed, and has had as many requests from others who say they do not want them.

The drivers who park on the road said they do so to avoid the car park which is rife with anti-social behaviour.

Coun Robinson said: “People park there because they don’t feel safe enough. Myself and the housing officer talked about other matters relating to CCTV and lighting in the area. Residents in Cornfield Road will also be asked for alternative views on how road safety can be improved if there is a widespread opposition to the yellow lines.”