Residents must pay for curtain


It’s not often that I agree with Cllr Philip Owen, but he is absolutely spot on with his opinion of Broxtowe Borough Council.

It would appear that some ‘jobsworth’ at the council is willing to spend £60,000 plus of tax-payers monies on an ‘acoustic curtain’ and monitoring of an apparent noise problem. This is a lot of money to spend on something that may not even solve the problem.

If this is a political argument between Broxtowe and Notts County Council and Greasley Parish Council, the taxpayer should not be the cash-cow to fund it.

If the residents want this ‘curtain’ they should jolly well pay for it themselves, I am sure that collectively they can afford it!

I have for many years considered myself a strong candidate for the title of The World’s Grumpiest Old Person, but I have no chance compared to these whinging residents.

Not content with causing distress and inconvenience to many vulnerable women by demanding the removal of the breast screening unit and the saga of The Multi Use Games Area, we now have them complaining about young school-children enjoying their playtime breaks and lights which protect the school security at night.

Whatever happened to live and let live? For goodness sake get a life.

Most people are at work during school hours, earning money to pay taxes to maintain the fabric of life and public services.

If you are fortunate enough to be retired or don’t have to work, then arrange your day so that you are out at these times or merely go inside and close the windows and doors.

It would appear that all these issues have a root cause which should have been challenged by these residents during the stages of the planning application processes. If the residents did not raise these issues at that time they should not be complaining now.

If you did and lost the case, then respect the decisions made and stop sucking on the sour grapes as they only upset you.

The Grumpiest Old Person

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