Residents’ outrage over open spaces used for housing

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Newthorpe residents have accused Broxtowe Borough Council of ‘double standards’, after spending £118,000 on improving green spaces while applying for homes to be built on their land.

Residents are concerned that wildlife will suffer as the land between Thorn Drive and Acorn Avenue, which is reserved as an ‘informal open space’, could see 33 affordable homes built on it.

They have also raised concerns about flooding which has been an issue in recent years and are worried that the introduction of more homes will exacerbate the issue.

Robert Brown, of Rolleston Drive, said: “It seems that Broxtowe Borough Council has double standards.

“They are providing funding for green open spaces in Eastwood, Kimberley, and Nuthall but are trying to gain planning permission to build on land that is green open space.

“There is a lot of nature on that land but the council seem hellbent on trying to ruin it.”

Council leader Milan Radulovic confirmed that a planning application was being prepared but was being modified to satisfy Severn Trent Water after flooding concerns.

He said: “No-one wants housing at the back of them but planning permission for this land was given back in the 1970s.

“They will be affordable homes and bungalows for the elderly in particular.

“The money spent on green spaces is for something different - it is for improving the environment.”