Restaurant will create employment

NRHN 06-08-12 BE 9 The Roundabout near Asda, Langley Mill.
NRHN 06-08-12 BE 9 The Roundabout near Asda, Langley Mill.

Safety concerns over a busy roundabout will need to be considered before a McDonald’s is built in Langley Mill, road users say.

Approval was given for the 65-seat fast food restaurant on Station Road near Asda supermarket in April, on the site of the former CJ Car Sales.

But motorists have concerns that the roundabout in front of the Asda store is already under strain - and the opening of a McDonald’s opposite to it could only create more problems, they claim.

Chairman of Aldercar and Langley Mill Parish Council Cllr Mick Fowkes says another problem is a lack of signage informing drivers they are approaching a roundabout.

He also felt it was a hazardous to cross the road there – as drivers tended to approach from the Eastwood direction at high speeds.

He said: “The signage is the big problem; there’s nothing there.

“People driving from the Eastwood direction tend to think they are still on the main road.”

Cllr Fowkes added: “This is an issue that is raised at almost every parish council meeting.

“We are not going to give in over this.”

Derbyshire county councillor for the area, Cllr Kevin Parkinson, objected to the plan when it was first submitted to the borough council in January, 2011, on the grounds of highway safety.

He is currently in discussion with Godwin Developments, the developers for the McDonald’s franchise in Langley Mill, as to whether the company will fund improved safety measures for pedestrians on the island.

Such provisions were not included in its approved planning application.