Restore it to former glory


I’m writing to you to you about the Stanton Railway Truck which stands on the Tesco island.

I do hope that the residents of Erewash, and in particular Ilkeston and Stanton, do respond and agree to the restoration of this once plentiful of wagons that was the backbone of the Stanton works.

Carrying the pig iron that made the pipes, this being only one of its many functions and this was only one of the different styles of wagons.

I was the last apprentice to be trained as a wagon repairer, but better known as wagon bashers, to repair these abused trucks that once roamed the miles of metal track around the Stanton Ironworks.

I spent the last four years in the wagon shop before it closed in 1980. But these were the happiest four years of my working life.

I may be looking through rose tinted spectacles but as I went around the island the memories would come flooding back of the pleasure it was as a 16-year-old getting up in the morning to go to work and repair these old workhorses.

The men I used to work with were all a happy bunch and as I’m writing this letter the names and their faces I can see again.

So on a personal note I do hope that they do agree to the restoration so the wagon can be shown in its true glory.

Yours hopefully,

Mr L G Oliver