Revival makeover for war memorial

Dinnington Remembrance Sunday.  (w101115-5a)
Dinnington Remembrance Sunday. (w101115-5a)

With Remembrance Sunday on the horizon, the custodians of Kimberley’s war memorial are looking to the future and a planned makeover costing more than £20,000.

Kimberley Town Council say the memorial at the bottom of Greens Lane is in need of some ‘tender loving care’ (TLC) and they want to get the work done in time for key events in the town next year.

The money will be spent on refreshing the paintwork, repairing water leaks and dents in the dome, and putting new lettering on the name plaques, which have become worn over time.

Cllr Christine Brown, in charge of the project, said: “It’s got quite a few problems. The whole thing needs sorting out and putting right.”

The work will hopefully be done by next May when soldiers will exercise their Freedom of the Borough with a parade through Kimberley, in what will be a very prestigious event for the town. There could also be events to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One, councillors say.

Broxtowe Borough Council has agreed to put £7,000 towards the scheme, and councillors are applying to the Memorial Trust and Nottinghamshire County Council for the remaining funds.

They say members of the public have even offered to donate.

“We put an article on Facebook saying the memorial was in need of some TLC and a couple of people came forward saying they would like to donate and asked how they would go about it. It was really nice,” said Cllr Brown.

The town council will hear back from the Memorial Trust about the funding in the New Year, and want to start the work soon after that.