Right of way issue

I remember many years ago a gentleman called Tommy Walters who lived in Kimberley/Swingate.

One day he went out walking on the public green lane/footpath over the Dawvers from Swingate towards Cossall.

He came across a new locked five-bar gate with no alternative access around it on to the footpath. He walked back home for a saw.

He returned and sawed through the five-bar gate leaving it neatly in two pieces. On returning he called in at the local police station to explain what he had done and was told that in the circumstances he was within his rights. I was secretary of the North Broxtowe Preservation Society in the 1970’s.

I was asked, along with John Stirland to assist Broxtowe Borough Council to map the existing footpaths in the area. I remember there was some query about this footpath at the time but as far as I remember the matter was clarified and the path was deemed as a right of way. I will try and dig out the old correspondence relating to this if I still have it.

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