Road safer at Westwood primary

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Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero and councillor Gail Turner joined campaigners to view new road safety measures at a primary school.

Last Friday (21st March) they visited Westwood Infants and Nursery School after being invited to see the new road safety measures following a successful campaign by grandparent Carol Rigby.

Nottinghamshire County Council have now installed a new safer crossing and a barrier amid concerns that children could suffer a serious accident.

The MP said; “After visiting the school both before and after the work has been carried out, it is obvious why parents, relatives and teachers are so much happier. You can clearly see that it has already made a huge difference and taken a weight off their shoulders. Everyone involved in the campaign deserves a huge amount of credit, especially Carol Rigby, who has been instrumental from start to finish. The pressure paid off and I’m delighted to have done my bit because the most important thing is that the children are a lot safer than they were before this work was carried out.”

Coun Turner said: “I arranged a meeting about the safety measures that have been put in place with Highways, the head and parents. I am very pleased that the children are much safer. There will a 20mph limit sign outside the school in the next financial year.”