Roads and pot holes to be looked again after snow

AN Eastwood councillor has said he plans to invite the county’s highways chief to the town to inspect the towns roads once again following the bad weather.

Cllr Keith Longdon did a tour of Eastwood’s roads with Cllr Richard Jackson after last year’s bad weather and said he intends to do the same again this year, once the snow and ice has passed.

“I want to go round again and report every single pot hole and suggest which roads need resurfacing and where it’s particularly bad,” he said.

“I will be pressing for Walker Street, but I’ll have to wait until after the bad weather so I can do it all in one go.”

The Mayor of Eastwood, Cllr Brian Griffin, said the roads were in an ‘abysmal’ state and urgently need repairing because they are dangerous.

The worse areas, he said, are Mill Road, Dovecote Road and Chewton Street.

“They are no longer pot holes, they are craters. I know budgets are tight but the roads will get to such a state that they will be unrepairable. They need a complete overhaul,” he said.

Last year pot holes were filled in across the town and Newmanleys Road and the pavements in Lynnwood Crescent were completely resurfaced.