Roads are ‘accidents waiting to happen’

Cllr Keith Longdon looking at potholes on Great Northern Road in Eastwood.
Cllr Keith Longdon looking at potholes on Great Northern Road in Eastwood.
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Eastwood councillors quizzed a highways manager about the state of the town’s roads in a meeting this week.

The councillors told Dave Walker, Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways manager for Broxtowe, that the state of the roads was ‘diabolical’, and something had to be done.

Cllr Charlie Robb said: “There’s a lot that needs to be done. Where my daughter lives there’s a pot holes that’s at least four inches deep that been there for at least 18 months.

“And there’s pot holes like that all over Eastwood.”

And pot holes were not the only issue, with several councillors bringing up concerns about uneven roads being health and safety hazards.

Cllr Brian Griffin said the two pedestrian crossings on the main road were ‘accidents waiting to happen’ and he had witnessed a seven-year-old come off his bike because the road was so uneven. Cllr Sue Bagshaw was concerned about the state of the road in Lynncroft and Cllr Ken Woodhead said the pavement in Victoria Street was so bad that pensioners living there were having to walk in the road.

“There’s people walking with frames and in wheelchairs. It’s a health and safety issue,” he said.

Mr Walker said the council had criteria that had to be adhered to. Road pot holes had to be 40mm deep and pavement pot holes 20mm deep before they are filled, he said.

He said South Street, Church Street, Greenhills Road and Lower Beauvale all had automatic monthly inspections, and said there was ‘extra funding’ this year for patch work in Dawsons Close, Kirby Road, Newthorpe Common and Headingley Close.

The highways manager went on to say Nottingham Road was on his list to be resurfaced some time in the future, and roads to be ‘looked at’ for resurfacing included Lower Beauvale, Chewton Street, Linwood Drive, Devonshire Drive and South Street.

He agreed to send an inspector out to look at Victoria Street.