Role is perfect for a ‘people person’

NEAABE111019b1, Cllr David Bagshaw at the old Eastwood walker street school site.
NEAABE111019b1, Cllr David Bagshaw at the old Eastwood walker street school site.

Councillor David Bagshaw has been a member of Eastwood Town Councillor for more than 12 years – and says the town is “thriving”.

He comes from a background of working with people, and says he found the role of a councillor suited him perfectly.

“I’ve always been a people person,” he says.

“I used to do a sales job, then I got a job with the police as a crime reduction manager giving people advice.

“I’ve always interacted with the public and this job is the same. It allows me to interact with people.

“And if those people can talk to me about how to enhance Eastwood then fantastic.”

Coun Bagshaw firmly believes local councils should follow the ethos of working for the people of the town.

“My whole outlook is to work for the good of the people, because that’s what the electors vote for,” he says. “Sometimes it doesn’t happen and I think all councillors need to get into that ethos.”

But the councillor, of Owlston Close, says he feels Eastwood Town Council does not always “integrate” enough.

“I don’t think we are united enough to get the very best for the town,” he says. “We’re only a small council and we should do our best to work for the people.”

Coun Bagshaw has also been a Broxtowe Borough Council member for six years, representing Labour in Eastwood St Mary’s ward, and serves on several committees, including planning and licensing.

“Life is busier as a borough councillor, but the role I like best is talking to people and trying to help them,” he says.

“I go into the pub and people put their issues to me. And I think that’s great. As councillors we try to help people who have a predicament.

“People object to houses being built, for example, and you have to look into it and do things in the best of people’s interests. We do things that will appease and help people.”

Coun Bagshaw is currently trying to get a mass of weed growth removed in Princes Street.

“Because it looks so run down with weeds, rubbish is being left there, because people think nobody cares,” he says. “People don’t respect it unless it’s clean.

“I’ve spoken to the council to get it cleared up.”

He says he would also love to see something happen with the Walker Street school site.

“It’s been a demolition site since 2009, so we would like to see something happening there,” he says. “I have heard it may become a school.”

The councillor says Eastwood is currently in a period of change with Durban house closing down, the post office moving and new businesses such as Costa coffee opening.

But, he says, despite the disappointing closure of the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre, he feels Eastwood is “thriving”.

“I think the town is brimming,” he says. “If you walk from Hilltop to Eastwood there is something for everybody. We’ve got wonderful shops selling all sorts, churches, funeral directors, you name it.

“Eastwood to me is a thriving little community with a great choice of shops. I think it caters for the people nicely.”