Rubbish dump man caught out by camera

A rubbish dumper left bags of waste in an Eastwood car park and two remained even when he was faced with a protest, a court heard.

But jobless Gordon Micallef failed to get away with it because he was filmed and his car number was taken.

That led to him getting a £503 bill after legal action by Broxtowe Borough Council.

Bryony Norman, prosecuting, told Nottingham magistrates that the incident took place in a private car park behind business premises on Dovecote Road, Eastwood on January 26.

A security camera recorded a Ford Focus backing onto the site. A man got out and was seen “placing four or five bags” on the ground. He was then challenged and put some of the rubbish back into his vehicle but still left two behind, said Miss Norman.

A £200 fine, a £20 government surcharge and the council’s £283 investigation costs were ordered from Micallef, of Wheeler Avenue, Eastwood. He pleaded guilty to depositing controlled waste.

Nicola Gray, mitigating, said he had been helping a friend to move house. He filled his car with household refuse and was heading for a council tip in Kimberley.

But he then received a phone call to say his 82-year-old father was ill and might need to be quickly taken tohospital.

“He realised his car was overflowing with rubbish and if he needed taking into hospital there would be difficulties. He stopped and unloaded and left two bin liners.

“He is very remorseful. He was trying to get the rubbish out of his vehicle so it would be appropriate transportation for his father in those circumstances.”

But presiding magistrate Michael Jeffrey told Micallef: “The prosecution has been properly brought and we believe the public purse should not suffer.

“At the end of the day, if you had not committed this, the local authority would not have this cost.”

Micallef had never been in trouble before and was ordered to pay at a rate of £50 monthly.