Run for tragic relatives

Vicki Finnegan and Danny Watson
Vicki Finnegan and Danny Watson

A Jacksdale woman is to take part in the Great North Run with her partner in memory of family members she has lost through Huntington’s Disease.

Vicki Finnegan, 27, and her partner Danny Watson, 31, will be doing the half marathon on Sunday September 7 to raise money for the Huntington’s Disease Association charity.

Vicki, who’s family has been plagued by the disease for 50 years, is encouraging people to support their cause by donating online.

She has lost her grandmother, three uncles and an aunt to the disease and is running the race in memory of David Finnegan, her uncle who has recently died from Huntington’s.

The disease is an inherited condition of the brain and affects movement and behaviour.

Vicki wants to raise awareness and raise as much money for her chosen charity as possible.

She added: “Huntington’s is a disease that there isn’t 100 percent awareness of, nor is the understanding so great.

“My partner and I want to try and help the charity raise as much support as we can, we also want to make my grandma, aunt and uncles proud who are watching over us.

“I’m also doing this for my mum, who is my inspiration and the rock of our family. She has been there every step of the way with her brothers and sister and has been at the end with them all.”

Vicki and Danny are also holding a charity fun day at the Durham Ox in Brinsley on Saturday (June 28), to help raise money for the cause.

On offer at the fun day will be a bouncy castle, BBQ, a tug of war, games for children, a raffle, tombola and band in the evening.

Vicki said that training for the half marathon, which takes place in Newcastle upon Tyne, has been a challenge.

She added: “We have done a lot of training so far, we started in April and we have been doing around three runs a week.

“We have managed to get to the point where we can run six miles, so we are just trying now to get upto 10 miles, then 12 miles.

“We are doing it gradually to avoid injuries, it is a bigger thing for me than Danny though. When I first set out doing this I couldn’t run for two minutes.

“Personally, I have built my fitness up, it has been a big challenge and is a gradual thing.”

Anybody wanting to donate to Vicki and Danny’s cause can do so by going online at and searching for Vicki Finnegan.