Saddened at school issues


I was saddened to read the reports in your excellent paper of the latest controversy to hit Greasley Beauvale Primary School.

Perhaps the answer to these questions might provide enlightenment.

Whose decision was it to drop the DH Lawrence name from the former infants school?

Who then decided that a new school was needed to replace the Grade II listed building which had all the facilities of a modern school and the added attraction of interesting work areas, a more than adequate space for playing outside and a wonderful grassed area. Not to mention the unique exhibition of Lawrence memorabilia which encouraged visitors to the school who were interesting for the pupils.

Who decided on the architecture of the replacement school? What has happened to the Clasp Buildings which produced such superb schools as Larkfields Infants at Nuthall?

Was the headteacher of the replacement school asked her opinion? When Larkfields was being designed and built the headteacher elect was in almost daily contact with the architect, David Meylan. The result was a delightful school, which is still in use today and is a wonderful example of a well run attractive establishment with no problems with neighbours.

The noise elimination furore is unbelievable.

Then to add to the woes the new school has been adjudged an eyesore.

When will people realise that the place where our precious children are to be educated deserves the input of people who really care, to avoid all this controversy.

Connie Windsor