Sadness over demolition plan

It was so sad to read about the demolition of our chapel in Newthorpe Common. For my generation it holds so many memories.

In 1937 my sister and I, along with many other children went every Sunday morning and our parents went in the evening. We learnt such a lot and I’ll always be grateful for our teachers - Miss Templeman, the Kirkham’s and Smiths.

Willie Templman was our preacher along with Mr Mervill. Saturday evening was social night with songs, games and recitals. On the anniversary of the church each year we all went and sung our hearts out in the morning before we would all go round Eastwood Hilltop for a collection.

Memories of after Sunday school, would be a walk over the meadows with friends, and back up Billy Halls Lane where dads would be in the allotments getting vegetables out for Sunday lunch.

Gordon Keeling.