Safety fears at old brewery building

Kimberley brewery site
Kimberley brewery site
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Kimbereley Residents’ Association has voiced safety fears over the condition of the roofs at the former brewery site in the town — and is calling on the owner to take action.

Group chairman Darren Warner says a weather board hanging off one of the buildings is a danger to the public and holes in others could lead to the walls collapsing.

Mr Warner claims the board on the maltings building was ‘hanging precariously’ near a public footpath and somebody could get seriously hurt.

“A bad gust of wind at the wrong time and it would land on someone’s head,” he said.

“It’s right near the footpath and it’s busy there because it’s a handy cut through to get to town.

“The brewery owners have obligations. It’s a public safety issue and someone could get seriously hurt.”

Mr Warner went on to say there were holes in several of the brewery buildings. He believes they need fixing to stop the buildings deteriorating further.

“If the weather gets in and the roof timbers become damaged, the walls could cave in,” he declared. “It’s a health and safety concern.

“We don’t expect them to go round and clean the windows, but we want them to keep buildings from deteriorating, and make them safe.”

But site owner Rafiq Vindhani said he had a caretaker visit the site twice a day to check everything was okay and he was not aware of any issues.

“If there were such issues my caretaker would have told me,” he told the Advertiser.

“We are very hands on with this development, on top of any issues on site and looking at any issues brought to our attention as they come about.

“There was an issue with a falling board months ago after the snow but it was dealt with at the time and we made it safe. If it has fallen again I haven’t had any notice of that.

“I will check with my caretaker immediately and ask him about it,” added Mr Vindhani.

The association has contacted Broxtowe Borough Council’s planning department, which is now looking into whether an ‘urgent works notice’ is needed.

This would give Mr Vindhani a set period of time to carry out the work or the council could do it and recoup the costs.