Safety warning

Schools break up for the long summer holidays this week and Nottinghamshire County Council is reminding all road users to take extra care on the county’s roads.

“With the long six-week school holidays now upon us there will, naturally, be an increase in the number of children out playing, both during the daytime and in the evenings,” says Pam Shaw, the county council’s road safety manager.

“All road users need to take extra care, not only on main roads but, especially, in built-up residential areas.

“Motorists in particular need to be aware when passing areas where children are likely to gather, such as near play parks, and in really built-up areas like housing estates should ideally drop their speed.”

Parents are being urged to remind their children about road safety and make sure they play in safe areas and use safe crossing places, not only when playing near home but also when somewhere different, such as on holiday.

Motorists are advised to be aware of children using roads, both as cyclists and as pedestrian.