Sale of lodge is controversial

Plans to auction off Broomhill Lodge at Kimberley Cemetery has been met with mixed feelings.

Kimberley Town Council says it wants to sell the lodge because it needs renovation work which will cost too much money.

But historians in the area say it is a valuable asset and belongs to the people of the town.

Darren Warner, a member of Greasley Civic Society said the sale was a ‘short sighted misconceived idea’.

He said: “Considering the fact that it has been a Kimberley Town Council asset for 130 year’s, it seems incredible we off load this very important local landmark to an uncertain buyer for a price that will achieve well below it’s real value.”

Mr Warner is now calling for council chairman Jim McDonald to provide evidence of how much it would cost to renovate, and precise reasons as to why the concil wants to sell it.

The building is the former cemetery keeper’s lodge.

David Nunn, vice chairman of the council, said: “The decision was taken democratically by a vote at the council and any money raised from the sale will go towards projects for the people of Kimberley.

“The feeling among the council is that it would be better to sell it – the features and historical aspect will remain, as planning rules will prevent anyone from damaging the character of the building.”