Santa’s very own little helpers in Brinsley village

Janet Enever from Brinsley is making 25 Christmas dinners.
Janet Enever from Brinsley is making 25 Christmas dinners.

Brian and Janet Enever spend all day Christmas day cooking 25 meals for pensioners who are home alone.

In the morning they get cooking turkey with all the trimmings, before driving out to hand deliver the meals to each person later in the day.

And when they’ve finally finished for the day, it’s off to bed, before they get up the next day and do it all over again.

Janet said: “They have turkey Christmas Day and pork on Boxing Day.

“We don’t mind doing it. If we don’t do it there’s some pensioners that don’t see people on that special day.

“It’s a friendly village and people tell us who is on their own. Brian will come home and say so and so is on their own and won’t be having a Christmas dinner this year, and we’ll make sure we sort it out.

“I know there’s Meals on Wheels, but there’s nothing like having a fresh Christmas dinner.

“I’ve got arthritis in my hand so Brian does most of it. He’s a God-send.”

The 63-year-old, who pays for it all out of her own pocket, said there was no time for watching Christmas television.

“We don’t watch any Christmas tele, we don’t have time! We’ll sit down at about 8pm and think that’s another day over – until the next morning!

“I just think Christmas is for kids and as long as my grandkids enjoy it we’ll cook for ever more.”

The Enevers fundraise throughout the year so they also can put on a annual Christmas dinner for 150 pensioners at Brinsley Village Hall. This year’s meal is taking place tomorrow.

The couple, of Broad Lane, raise about £500 from doing car boot sales and other small fundraising events, and are given a further few hundred in grants to pay for it.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they also collect money for charity each year with their huge Christmas light display, and have a special letter box in their garden where kids can post letters to Santa.

Janet ensures every child receives a reply from Father Christmas.

She said: “It’s great to see the kids faces. One girl came running down the yard the other day saying ‘I’ve got a letter from Santa!’ She was so, so pleased. It was lovely.”