“School areas should be priority”

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A mum who gritted a public footpath outside a school herself says the council needs to take more responsibility to keep parents and children safe.

Leann Stevens drove around Eastwood filling her car up with salt out the grit bins before laying it all on the footpath outside Brookhill Leys Primary School.

“I drove round the yellow grit bins and shovelled it into tubs in my car.

“There are parents on crutches and others who are disabled. It’s just not on,” she said.

“The path runs right past a children’s sure start centre so you’ve got mums carrying babies in as well.

“It’s on a hill so it’s so dangerous.

“A lot of people were moaning about it outside school which is why I did it,” added Leann.

The 24-year-old mum - who put an appeal out on facebook for other mums to come and help her - said as she was laying the salt, a gritter lorry passed and she flagged it down to help.

She said the council workers agreed to leave some grit, but she said she was angry they did not offer any help to lay it.

“They just piled it up in heaps and left. No help was provided despite the fact that I had gone out of my way to do it myself,” said Leann.

The proactive mum, who lives in Three Tuns Road, took the action just days after a petition was launched to get someting done about the state of the path outside Greasley Beauvale School.

Mums there said the path was uneven, and in icy conditions made it extremely dangerous.