School improves in Ofsted report

NEAABE111216c1, Kimberley school good offsted report. seen year 7 pupils celebrating.
NEAABE111216c1, Kimberley school good offsted report. seen year 7 pupils celebrating.
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The Kimberley School turned around its fortunes after being rated ‘good’ in an Ofsted report – four years since it was given a notice of improvement.

Inspectors also gave the school an ‘outstanding’ rating in a handful of the categories, leaving headteacher Chris Teal delighted.

“Four years ago we got a notice to improve and the year after were rated ‘satisfactory’. Here we are three years later with things turned around completely.

“It’s significant and rapid progress in anyone’s book and that’s why we are so pleased.”

The school was rated outstanding for attendance, its school governors, pupil care and guidance leadership of staff and leadership in learning.

“They are good categories to be rated outstanding in, so that means a lot to us,” said Mr Teal.

“The inspector said we had one of the highest attendance’s in the country and one of the highest he had seen among secondary schools. Care guidance and support is the way the pupils are looked after and the governors got an outstanding for the decisions they had made.”

Mr Teal put the improvements down to hard work and improving the quality of teaching.

“It’s the hard work that’s gone on, on every level over the last four to five years.

“We have worked extremely hard and improved the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom, and the quality of behaviour management.

“The students genuinely want to achieve and they are doing so.

And because of that it’s being recognised.

“It’s recognised in the atmosphere around the school and in the results.”

Results at the Kimberley School have improved year on year, with GCSE results being way above the national average.

This year 60 per cent of pupils achieved five A* to C grades, compared to 48 per cent last year.

A Level results were also a grade higher this year than they were last year.