School is out to maintain progress

THE decision to halt plans to turn The Kimberley School into an academy has come as a bit of a surprise.

Whatever your thoughts on the plan or the decision to scrap it, it was obvious that people on both sides of the fence only wanted what they thought was best for the school.

It was clear that discussions were taken at a very slow pace to allow everybody to have their say .

Now after taking everyone’s opinions and views on board the decision has been made to maintain the status of the school as it is in order to continue the progress that has already been made in recent years at the school as was demonstrated in the latest exam results published in our paper last week

The key now will be for everybody to move on together and pull in the same direction for the good of the pupils at the school.


The snow that arrived at the weekend saw local families take to the slopes in the sledges and snowmen being built.

It really is a great time for youngsters to get out and play outside but we all know the wintery weather brings with it some problems so I would urge all of you to check on any elderly relatives or neighbours you have and ask you all to take it easy out on the icy roads and pavements.