School makes improvements

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Teachers at Brinsley Primary School are celebrating after being told by Ofsted inspectors they had made ‘huge improvements’ since their last audit.

The school showed consistency across the board and was rated ‘good’ by inspectors – just two years after being handed a ‘satisfactory’ rating.

Headeteacher Jo Knapp said she was ‘delighted’ at the progress the school made in a short space of time and said the results reflected the hard work and commitment put in by teachers and children.

“I was especially pleased that the aspects of Brinsley Primary School, which are very important to us were recognised - the positive attitude, politeness and behaviour of our children, the good quality of teaching, good attendance and finally the good help and guidance that ensures that all groups of pupils make good progress and very strong team work.”

Inspectors, who observed nine lessons, advised teachers to ask more searching questions to judge and build on pupils’ understanding.