Schoolgirl wins national disability charity fundraising award

Ten-year-old Diya Karwal with Paralympic cycling champion Steve Bate.
Ten-year-old Diya Karwal with Paralympic cycling champion Steve Bate.

A Nuthall schoolgirl has won an award from a national disability charity after raising hundreds of pounds by selling her homemade ornaments.

Diya Karwal, 10, was named fundraiser of the year for the charity Sense at an awards ceremony in London on Thursday, November 10.

The award was recognition of her incredible fundraising work in support of people who are deafblind.

She said: “I am really surprised but so happy to have won.”

Diya was presented with the award by elite cyclist and Paralympic gold medallist Steve Bate.

It comes in recognition of her efforts to raise hundreds of pounds for Sense by creating and selling handcrafted bead and loom band ornaments.

This year, Diya has also won the Bilborough Gem award for her contribution to the local community and was shortlisted for a Britain Has Spirit Award.

She said: “I really enjoyed making my crafts and doing my little bit to help deafblind people. I’m already planning what my next fundraising project will be and I’m hoping my four-year-old sister will get involved too.”

Diya was inspired to get active for the charity after her grandfather lost his sight and she saw first-hand the difference the right support can have for someone with a sensory impairment.

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