Schools close as teachers join strikers

schOOLS across the area closed on Wednesday of this week as teachers joined thousands of other public sector workers across the country to strike over changes to their pensions.

Whilst most schools were completely closed to all pupils, a handful were partially open, such as Brookhill Leys Primary School which was open to years five and six.

Headteacher at Gilthill Primary School Sian Lamb said several teachers went in to work but it was not enough to ‘keep the children safe’ so she had to close.

Of the 343 schools across Nottinghamshire, 278 closed and 20 did not confirm what they were doing either way.

All bin collections were suspended for the day across Broxtowe, with extra collections put on yesterday, today and Monday to cope with the backlog.

Kimberley Leisure Centre opened at 9am instead of 7.30am because of a staff shortage.

Mick Burrows, the County Council’s Chief Executive, said: “We carefully responded on the day as needs arose and worked on contingency plans to help minimise disruption to our service users, particularly for vulnerable people to ensure they got the services they needed.”

More than two million public sector workers across the UK walked out over proposals that would see them work longer, pay more and get less from their pensions.

The Government argues it is unfair for taxpayers to foot the ‘increasing public sector pension bill’.

A number of day centres and libraries across Nottinghamshire were also closed for the day.