Schools closed by latest strike action

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Teachers, firefighters and public sector workers were among those taking strike action today (Thursday July 10), which sparked the closure of some schools and other venues in the Eastwood and Kimberley area.

Eastwood Library was closed for the day and several schools were closed or partially closed.

These included:

Eastwood School, Broxtowe - various closures;

Awsworth Primary and Nursery; Bagthorpe Primary in Underwood;

Brinsley Primary in Brinsley;

Hollywell Primary in Kimberley;

Greasley Beauvale Primary in Newthorpe (three classes);

Gilthill Primary, Broxtowe;

Larkfields Junior, Broxtowe - to be confirmed;

Lynncroft Primary, Broxtowe - two classes closed;

Springbank Primary, Broxtowe;

Underwood CE Primary, Ashfield - partially open Years 3, 4 and 6.

The strike is over a lengthy pensions dispute.