Scuffy and unkempt

I write to express my disappointment regarding the behaviour of the Eastwood Arcadians at the memorial march.

There were a number of members of the troop who had all the discipline of a toddler, and further more, a toddler was paraded around in an Arcadian uniform and then left to wander around during the service.

There was a middle aged woman who, whilst marching, kept fidgeting with her cape and could not stand still for more than two minutes.

They chatted amongst themselves and then during the laying of the wreathes, the “emergency medical technicians” were passing around a bottle of water - its flu season?!

Also, I thought in the days of old that the men were to be clean shaven and the women to have their hair tied back? They looked scruffy and unkempt!

All in all the Arcadians have shown themselves up.

They used to be brilliant – but now the only thing dazzling is their uniform.

It’s high time they bucked up their ideas or disband.

Name and address supplied