Seaqueens named chippy champs!

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Feeling peckish? Don’t know what to eat tonight? Well look no further, because the Chad chip shop of the year award for 2015 has now been revealed.

Seaqueen Fisheries, who also took the title last year, have been voted the best chip shop in Mansfield by you.

The shop is based on Warsop Road in Mansfield Woodhouse, and opens seven days a week.

Stelios Agabiou, fish fryer at Seaqueens Fisheries, told the Chad: “We’re very pleased to receive the award, and it’s great to be recognised by the people of Mansfield.

“It’s really fun to work here, and I’ve been doing it for many years now, and it’s a real passion of mine.

“I’d say I serve a few hundred people every day, and that just shows that people must like to come and get their lunch or tea here. “

Stelios, 27, believes that his passion for fisheries comes from his father, who worked as a fish fryer for many years.

He said: “My father taught me everything I know.

“He worked as a fish fryer for many years, mostly in Birmingham.

“People travel from afar to come here and buy our fish and chips.

“We get regulars travelling from Shirebrook, Rainworth, Chesterfield and of course Mansfield.”

“It’s a great privilege to be named the best chip shop two year’s in a row. Now we hope to get a hat trick!”

Why do you love Seaqueens Fisheries? Or did your favourite not win the award?

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